Is the God of the Bible all above love?

Is the God of the Bible a magical Genie to whom I can go to for all my wants and needs?

Is the God of the Bible all about healing and blessing me?

How do we get the proper view of God with what He has revealed to us in the Bible about Himself?

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Is salvation in the Romans Road or praying the sinners prayer?

Is salvation in mental agreement to known facts about Jesus Christ?

If nothing changed at the point of making a "decision" then that is not salvation, if there is no desire to turn from sin then that is not salvation.

So the question begs asking, who is a true Christian?

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Is having revival a week of meeting that has been organized by the church?

Is revival going to a Christian camp and getting excited about God?

Is revival getting back to the Bible and becoming faithful to Church?

We have to face the reality of the evidences seen from revivals of the past as compared to what we call as a "revival" meeting today.

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